Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yeah so....I've basically moved over to tumblr...
John Galliano for Dior couture

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I had high hopes for season two of Pretty Little Liars. I should have known better, really. However, I think that if it stays on the air long enough, the actresses will eventually learn how to act so that there will actually be some talent in the show and we can have another reason to watch it other than just whiling away an hour gazing upon the one of the most attractive casts to ever grace ABC Family.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Okaayyyy finally finished the Project Runway finale. Ok...

Yeah never really all too crazy about him, but he had some cool pieces throughout the season.
I was more interested in his own look for the finale. Love itt.

Ohh I don't know. They literally sell all of her stuff at Urban Outfitters. Which isn't bad in general - I love Urban just as much as the next hipster - she just really shouldn't have won $100,00 for it. Oh but wait, how could I forget since she mentions it every .5 seconds, she's so poooooooor and she just really needs this moneyyyyy and woe is Gretchennnn.
Nina and Michael thought she was spot on with fashion in the moment, and I would agree, but shouldn't designers be pushing what's "hot" now and moving the trends forward? I feel like I've been seeing her stuff for so long on blogs and in my sketches. I want something new!!
Oh your pleated slip skirt thing? I HAVE ONE IN CORAL. You pulled it off very nicely with your little black panties, but I can't exactly walk past my mom and out of the house like that. So I'm still trying to figure out how to make that slip work for me. But I digress.

Basically MONDO should have won. I love his sense of humor! Fashion should be funnn! It definitely wasn't "circusy"; it was crazy but still flattering and attractive.
I agree with Heidi and Jessica...The polk-a-dot dress is divine. And Mr. Kors, the long sleeves are great with it! It makes the back all the more dramatic.
I also loved Mondo's model, totally should have won...Oh wellll.

While it's clear that Jessica is wearing her line head to toe, may I ask, HEIDI, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?
P.S. Nina, your shoes rock.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I've been sick lately and I've been spending a lot of time a) in bed and b) on tumblr so I tie it together and post some pictures of beds from clever of me!

I'm going to pull my old day bed out of the attic and bring it up to the cottage and wrap Christmas lights around the iron. I love how cozy and fantastical it looks.
On a worksheet for art I was supposed to write down several places I feel comfortable...the first and only thing that came to mind was my bed. Since I have a laptop I could stay in my bed under the comforter with the shades closed for hours on end. I love my cave. And my room's trashed enough that I can find basically anything I need on my floor, within reaching distance. Not sure if I should be proud of this fact...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I really need to catch up with all the runways. I'm still stuck on Spring 2010...But to be fair that's what I'm seeing in the real world since everything takes so long to catch on. Like the raccoon tails at Louis Vuitton...

I actually saw this girl with one when I was at Starbucks this summer....Literally thought she was part of the Miley Cyrus crew that was filming down the street because it was so unusual to see in my suburb. But I guess she's at Pratt now so that explains that extraneous incident.

My friend Gina attempted to copy-cat but didn't have a tail so instead she pinned on a little patch of fur to her purse. It gave the impression that she tacked roadkill onto her denim pouch. But hey good effort. I think for the both of us our dressing is a little "conceptual" right now....

Then I saw Kurt had one hanging off his belt in Glee. Couldn't find a picture ... I don't think that's something most "Gleeks" really take note of.

And then Rumi had one. Which is what made me think of it all. Yay trains of thoughts!

My writing is extremely awkward lately. Which is perfect since I have to write a bunch of college essays in the very, very near future!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chocolate Sunglasses!!!!! HIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No inspiration+No time+No motivation = No posts

But I got a lil' sumin' sumin' for yallz today!

First off I want this! Well in idea. In my fantasy closet. Where I could pull out the most fabulous clothes from dawn till dusk and it'd still be overflowing. But if I paired this backpack with my current closet it'd probably just come off looking straight-up juvenile, not playful and edgy or whatever.
But I mean come on it's the Wallace and Gromit Sheep! LIKE SO FRICKEN ADORABLE!
I love Walllace and Gromit. And clever little accessories. So umm this bag is...Oh right, perfect!

Spotted on fashiontoast